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G. Baumeister Ltd.  is constantly looking for ways to improve the safety and reliability for employees. Therefore we have implemented a routine check-in timetable. All personnel working on sites alone must check-in every two hours or have contact with a supervisor or foreman every two hours. We supply our employees with communication gear to make this possible. Two-way radios are installed in every service truck and piece of equipment to help operators meet these standards safely and efficiently. Phones are also installed in every service truck to improve the quality of communication.


Health & Safety Training



All of our employees receive a wide range of training before they are sent out on a job. This includes training the following areas:

   H2S Alive

   Standard First Aid

   Company Specific WHMIS 

   Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

   Ground Disturbance Level 1 & 2

We also provide ongoing company training seminars several times a year. During these training seminars we review some of the following program elements:

   Preventative maintenance

   Refusal of unsafe work

   Fatigue Management Expectations and Responsibilities on site

   Incident investigation

   Emergency Response drills and exercises

   Daily Tailgate Meetings

Safety Equipment

All our personnel have mandatory safety equipment onsite at all times, including:

   Personal Protective Equipment

   Fire Extinguishers

   Spill Kits

   Medical First Aid Kits

   Appropriate Gas Detection where necessary

   Two-way Radio

Safety Supervision

G. Baumeister Ltd. has a safety supervisor available 24 hours a day to assist with any safety concerns or recommendations. Our safety supervisor is a certified Occupational Health and Safety Officer.

If you require any information on our Health and Safety program, we would be glad to share it with you. We currently follow up on all incident investigations, safe work permits, hazard assessments and emergency response plans. Should you have any questions concerning our organization, we are able to provide it to you upon request.

Our safety supervisor can be reached at the following number to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Kristi Volz

Occupational Health & Safety Co-ordinator

Cell: 250-793-6866

Office: 250-787-2509

Certificate Of Recognition

G. Baumeister Ltd. underwent their first ENFORM audit in January 2007.

G. Baumeister received exceptional scores in all areas of its Safety Program. G. Baumeister Ltd. is now a COR recognized company which proves its ongoing dedication to being an industry leader when it comes to safety and the environment. The audit showed very clearly that the entire team, not only management,  was very committed to the program.

If safety is a priority for your company, you can look to

G. Baumeister Ltd.

WCB BC Certificate

WCB AB Certificate

COR Certificate

Liability Insurance Certificate

IRP 16

Hazardous Waste Licence

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